Whitewords is a multi-disciplinary creative agency that combines big agency experience and capability with the nimbleness and responsiveness you’d expect from a boutique firm – we believe in forging strong partnerships with our clients as this leads to the very core of true brand success.

Whitewords started modestly in the study rooms of the founders. We had modest ambitions, more focused on doing what we were good at doing - editorial design.

With a combination of different skill sets, ideas and disciplines, we started to grow and we needed a bigger space and moved into our first studio in South Bridge Road along with 3 work desks, 1 meeting table and 1 fax machine, the rest were bits and pieces we took from home along with a whole lot of passion.

The clientele continued to grow and our portfolio also started to diversify into different areas. It is interesting to note that in many ways, we did not fit the bill of a normal design agency. We didn't court publicity, we didn't socialise with other designers (mainly because we didn't know many). We never quite entered awards schemes because we felt like outsiders.

Instead, we built the business quietly, and tried to have as much fun as possible.

Another factor that defined us then – as now– was the friendly nature of the way in which business was conducted. Whitewords has never been an egotistical organisation, and have attracted employees and clients who prefer to be part of a team. 



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