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Aesthetics, Campaign

Merz Aesthetics Asia Pacific positions itself as the one-stop aesthetics treatments and devices company that cares about the beauty & aesthetics industry. The goals of the company include addressing the many challenges faced by healthcare professionals and consumers in diminishing the awkwardness associated with those who seek aesthetic treatments, so as to lift the ‘taboo’ or ‘prejudice’ against it.

The Whitewords team worked closely with Merz, to develop the campaign theme, campaign strategy, visual identity and tone of voice to position the aesthetic provider as an innovative company unafraid to talk about sensitive issues related to self-confidence, self-love and aesthetics. 

The key objective is to create greater interest and understanding of Merz & their offerings through a patient education campaign. Whitewords, working together with Merz & their respective countries and selected lifestyle influencers — created a message that is both educational and reassuring, inspiring and dynamic through a series of testimonies and real-life experiences about their encounters with the brand and their offerings.