It’s funny how sometimes God-given dreams can be realised into something magical and magnificient, even when you think that it’s merely a fraction of your grey matter playing tricks or an unconscious of your deepest heart’s desires. It’s uplifting to know that at times, certains dreams present themselves in an overwhelmingly positive manner, that eventually builds up into a prophesy that you work on it to make it into a reality.

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And so did the roots of the Open Book come about. Dreamt by our Whitewords founder Jacke Tan, this Open Book Project was a piece of art; an abstract conversation and a profound method of communication that stretches across humanity, life and everything else in between.

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This event took place over a weekend in our Whitewords studio, where we invited a bunch of close friends and strangers, by word of mouth and social media. These inviduals who were oblivious of each others’ identity soon became One, with the same task to curate their thoughts into 6 blank books with 6 given themes which we set as our Whitewords core values; themes that resonated within us and carried a weight of meaning. These themes are: God, Beauty, Regrets, Hope, Dreams, Love. These 6 themes were focused on inspiring and sparking thoughts from participants to pen down or draw whatever that came to mind without any boundaries, restrictions, expcetations, or judgements. It was a place of exhibiting thoughts freely, to be vulnerable with one’s own rights, and to explore the truth in the rawest means possible that speaks to every tribe and tongue. We wanted it to be a space everyone could just explore their own thoughts and own the rights to it freely, because there is no wrong in art, and always room for constructive thoughts.

OB 01.jpg

It was a free flow process for everyone to just dive in and explore their creativity amongst the given themes, serendaded by music that aided in the creative process. We had a table set up with a myriad of interesting and different tools up for use; a typewriter, colouring materials, glue, paper and the list goes on. The objective in mind was to create a ‘visual dialogue’ between us Whitewords and everyone else; a pavement to promote creativity and to demonstrate that anyone and everyone can create art and is a creator on their own strength and terms. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because there is no right or wrong. Art is art.

Putting together these amazing works into a digital book that was once a dream has graciously now become a reality with much grace, love and support from countless angels we’ve been privileged to cross paths with. It took us a while to get this up, but it was all worth it in the end.

Sitting here, proudly looking at our 2018 WW Calenders perched on our desks daily, painted with strobes of colours and strikes of hidden truths of their visual voices constantly reminds us of the many important values that matter most in life.

This profound piece of art wouldn’t have been made possible without the creative minds behind all the beautiful portraits and colourful drawings. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in this creation.

Shoutout List:

Augus, Alice, Aaron Tan, Alex Feng, Angeline Kua, Amelia Yuliana Binte, Jamil, Charissa Ee, Dao The Phuc, Don Teo, Gera, Hazel, Hazel Tan, Jasmin Tan, Jaz Loh, Joann, Joan Villa, Jean Teh, Josephine, Justin, Jonathan Chua, Kim, Lily Lee, Lyn Wong, Michele Low Richards, Charlie Richards, Madeline Chia, Minty Chai, Nicole Wong, Pauleen Tan, Paul Lim Tech Lai, Yeeting, Yeong Wee Soon, Zeyro

As we approach the new year with rejuvenated selves and stronger resolutions, we hope that our Open Book speaks to you and resonates deep within, as how it has uplifted our spirits in one way or another. Let the journey begin!

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