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Life | Giving it a ‘Shot’ – The COVID-19 Vaccination

by WW Team

It’s a race against time as countries all around the world are scrambling to get their citizens vaccinated against Covid-19.

With doses being prioritised based on age group and availability, we speak to the lucky few in the Whitewords team who received their Covid-19 vaccination to share with us all about their vaccination experience, and why they don’t regret it one bit.

What were my thoughts when I entered the vaccination centre?

Jacke: Frankly, my heart was pumping even though I was 30 minutes early. I was gearing to go but was also a bit worried as I wasn’t sure if I was going to suffer any of those side effects (like having a fever and such).

Clement: I got vaccinated in University Malaya, Petaling Jaya and I was seriously impressed by how organized and helpful everyone was there. Other than that, the venue was not very packed and social distancing was observed.

Agatha: I was a tiny bit worried at the thought of the needle because I never liked injections and would avoid them at all cost.

Adeline: I was a bit surprised to see the long queue outside the vaccination centre when I arrived, but the line moved quite fast as everything was well planned and executed. Everyone was properly social distanced while moving from one station to another.

Jasmin: For the first jab it was a blur, I just went in and did the jab; but for the second one, I was nervous as a few of my friends experienced pretty bad side effects after the second jab.

How did you feel after the vaccination?

Jacke: I felt relieved that my first dose was done; the process was swift and virtually pain-free. But I had a slight, warm burning sensation on my left arm where the shot was administered and a slight swelling followed.

Clement: Apart from experiencing a sore arm, I felt very tired and spent most of the time sleeping. About a day later, the chills, mild fever, and headache kicked in. However, the side effects went away by the 3rd day with the help of some paracetamols.

Agatha: The 1st dose was administered expertly – I didn't feel any pain. When I stepped out of the booth after that dose, it felt like a “let's see what's next” kind of adventure.

Adeline: I didn’t feel much difference right after the vaccination. I continued the rest of my day normally until the side effects finally kicked in later in the evening.

Jasmin: Immediate effect for both doses was the ache. The Covid-19 jab felt different from other jabs and it’s definitely ‘achier’ compared to any other jabs I had before.

What has changed for you?

Jacke: I don’t think things will be very much different, I will still have to take my precautions and not take things for granted. I am very well aware that the vaccination is not a cure-all for Covid.

Clement: Getting vaccinated is not a “free pass” to move around so nothing much has changed for me. As I’m still living with my family who has yet to get their vaccine, I believe we still need to abide the rules or SOP in place to overcome this pandemic.

Agatha: Life goes on as usual after all the short-term side effects wore off.

Adeline: Besides being one jab away from achieving a higher percentage of efficacy, I’m still living my everyday life with precautions – mask on, clean hands, and keep a safe distance.

Jasmin: Nothing really, just felt lethargic – not sure if it is due to WFH though haha.

What are you looking forward to after receiving the vaccination?

Jacke: I am hoping that this will ensure that I can keep my mom safe, as she is unwell. And while I am still interacting with different people (though I’ve minimised my social contacts quite a fair bit), hopefully this will act as an additional layer of protection and assurance for people around me.

Clement: To have local travel ban lifted and do a road trip around Malaysia for a couple of weeks. I have always taken domestic travels for granted so I hope I’ll be able to explore the hidden gems here.

Agatha: I will continue to stay vigilant because the vaccination does not protect us from getting infected. It only helps alleviate the effects of Covid-19 when we are infected.

Adeline: I look forward to the days where all our loved ones are vaccinated and we can finally socialize and hug our family and friends. So, the more people vaccinated, the safer everyone is.

Jasmin: I hope and pray that we can get to do what we used to do, meet family and friends freely, go out for meals, travel.

Are you glad that you have made this choice to take the vaccination?

Jacke: In some ways, yes. I think despite the latest news questioning the efficacy of the vaccine, I think it will help to slow down the virus from spreading too quickly. I hope that through this, I can do my part in helping to flatten the curve.

Clement: Definitely, my priority has always been to get vaccinated soonest regardless of what brand of vaccine is given to me.

Agatha: My reasoning on my decision to vaccinate: Since it's sooner or later that we have to get vaccinated, so there's no point to take a wait-and-see stance and defer the process. Take it when it is offered. Am I glad? Somewhat, because I am in a little better position than those who are still waiting for theirs.

Adeline: Yes definitely. My stance was to take up any available vaccine offered to me as soon as possible in order to achieve herd immunity.

Jasmin: I guess it had to be done to make sure my family and people around me are safer.


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