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Work | Reinventing the Webinar Experience

by Jacke Tan

These are unprecedented times where we witness many ‘new norms’ in the way we live, move, communicate, and address our needs. This transcends to organizations across all industries, in an attempt to navigate through the global health crisis. While we do see some industries returning to some semblance of normalcy, other industries, such as healthcare, stand permanently transformed by this pandemic.

As more of in-person patient appointments, rep visits, and medical conferences are being postponed for the indefinite future, we‘re forced to accelerate the pursuit of more efficient, effective ways in driving patient and healthcare professional (HCP) engagement.

How can healthcare marketing emerge stronger from these times?

The healthcare field has already begun moving into new forms of technology-based communications (e.g. telemedicine). Medical congresses are clearly affected and there is too much value that professionals find in meeting, debating, and just relating to each other. Physical meetings are likely to be augmented by the wider uptake and acceptance of virtual meetings. Rep visits are slowly returning but this can be further enhanced with hyper-targeting and augmented by highly customized virtual engagements.

There is more opportunity than ever before for pharma and healthcare marketers to become a beacon of information. This allows them to not only help customers clarify what is happening, but to present them with flexible solutions to the confusion they might be experiencing.

Going Digital in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been pretty slow in embracing the digital age. These days, we are seeing a much needed push for the industry to go digital and embrace new challenges using technology. It’s time for healthcare businesses to think proactively about improving and extending their digital capabilities.

Webinars, for one, are an effective yet underutilised marketing technique. Webinars can overcome geographic and time constraints, educate customers, generate qualified leads and establish your authority in the industry.

Consider leveraging common software tools like Google Hangouts and Zoom for your webinars. Webinars are a great way to repurpose live events and connect with more of your target audience than you could have in a physical setting. It also gives attendees the chance to engage by asking questions, chatting with other attendees and downloading slides/resources that increase the chances of them reaching out to your healthcare organization.

Here are 6 techniques to create engaging and impactful webinars:

1. Introduce a Sense of Intrigue with Gamification

Providing educational guidance and coaching is expected in webinars, even in the most glaring sales pitches. As far as e-learning is concerned, gamification has emerged as an important trend in keeping users engaged. Gamification refers to the use of fun elements that is normally found in games and applying them to non-gaming contexts. There are various ways to apply gamification techniques to many different aspects of your webinar, such as: - Points and Levels: Attendees can earn points and level up as they participate in different categories of activities. Possibility of allowing attendees to earn a reward or redemption at the end of the participation.

- Badges: Everyone loves some kind of recognition and rewards. So these badges are great as a token for attendees to continue to participate and engage.

- Quizzes and Puzzles: In the context of healthcare, this can be a series of choice questions, or ‘Did you Know’ contextual, quick facts quizzes for attendees to gain more insight into the webinar’s topics and have some fun in the process.

- Continuous Play: Curating your presentation with engaging teaser videos, sleek graphics and well-timed speeches can enhance the entire webinar experience for your attendees.

2. Design Your Slide Deck

Nothing grabs eyeballs as well as good, solid visuals to maintain engagement and attention. Pay attention to the way you design each slide, the information you are putting in, and how it is being laid out for the optimal visual experience.

3. A Video or Breakout Panel Discussion

Sometimes webinars can feel a bit lonely if it’s just you and the presenter. A good way to create a more engaging and interactive experience for your guests is to include a panel discussion. Having a panel of experts discussing on a topic and providing their expert opinions will attract more visitors who are looking for a variety of perspectives and rich insights.

Make the experience personal for your guests by including the audience in the discussion with Group Chats to the Host/Panel. You can also encourage participation by leveraging on additional tools like webcams and virtual Q&As. Breakout rooms are also ideal for enhancing the experience, which organizes your audience into smaller groups for a robust dialogue with fellow industry leaders.

4. Using Live Videos

Few presenters use videos, and of those who do, very little or no effort is put into thinking how the video looks like during the event. Consider live streaming with the help of a professional video crew, and complete it with a personalised background for a fully polished webinar.

5. Be Spontaneous

Conduct instant polls to generate even more interest with important/controversial topics. Take things a bit further by creating interesting polls with compelling, thought-provoking questions.

Consider having some elements of surprise worked into your webinar event, such as: • Bringing on an influential person as a surprise guest, which you did not announce

• Show live comments streaming from your event’s social media feeds (if applicable)

6. Create a simulation or animation

Go beyond graphical aids – these days, you can even incorporate 360 video experiences and virtual AR (augmented reality) videos into your presentation for a fuller and more immersive experience.

Stay ahead of the curve through creative strategies and content that will stick with your webinar’s attendees for a long time – even after your event is over.


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