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Charity, Exhibition

In collaboration with the Singapore Girls’ Home, we had the great opportunity to be a part of “White Tee Shirt Project”. This programme used creativity to inspire and enable the residents of the home into making positive contributions to help serve a cause that they identify with in the community.

The White Tee Shirt Project, a youth-oriented programme kicked off with an 8-weeks training programme where we trained and worked with the residents on reflecting on community services and on making a difference. This was followed by a series of workshops on connecting community service and creativity through graphic design. The residents were guided by our design programme to create graphic expressions for the White Tee Shirt Project through free exploration with designs. These Tee Shirts were then produced for the in-house exhibition and auction to raise funds. All monies raised through the exhibition went directly to the community/cause selected by the residents.

We were also able to create a unique showcase of the residents’ works through recycled boards, duct tape and used hangers. In the process, we also created a unique typeface made entirely from yellow duct tape called ‘Created’.